Church Law

Establishing and maintaining a church should be rewarding.  Jackson Todd & Lambert advises church leaders, assists with legal and administrative needs, and represents the interest of the church so that the church can focus on its mission and purpose. 


What is church law?

Church law is essentially business law with a focus on clergymen and the 1st Amendment right to practice religion.

Are you a church leader that has not created a separate entity?  If so, you may be personally vulnerable to liabilities that occur in your church.

Does your church have employees?  If so, you need a comprehensive Employment Agreement and you should be aware that your employees are protected against discrimination (including sexual orientation).

Does your church have a children's ministry or provide childcare?  If so, you should have a child protection policy in place to protect the interest of every child in the care of your church.  

The list could go on concerning beneficial legal assistance.

Why should your church have an attorney?

Having an attorney on call could save your church embarrassment, litigation, and money.


Do you desire to know more about what Jackson Todd & Lambert could offer your church?  Fortunately, you can do so at no cost through the month of June 2019.  


Jackson Todd & Lambert also offers pre-packaged plans to suit the needs of your church.  To review the plans visit the "Pick Your Plan" Page. 

If you have specific business law needs, review the "Services & Fees" within the "Business Law" Page for more information. 

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