Business planning requires budgeting.  The dollar amount of some expenses are simply unforeseeable.  How valuable would it be to budget in general legal counsel?

No hourly fee* + No guessing = Less stress

Large companies (such as Google, Apple, and Starbucks) all have in-house counsel with legal and administrative duties.  Jackson Todd & Lambert brings general "in-house" counsel to small businesses and churches of Texas.  Your entity has four options to choose from.  

Pick your Plan and Budget in your entity's attorney today.**  

THE Ambition

For Starters

This entry level plan assists from concept to creation of an entity.  It includes:

*Unlimited access to attorney by phone and email

*Unlimited document review (up to 10 pages per review)

*Monthly 30 minute "Vision" calls

*Biannual 2 hour "Vision" sessions

*Formation of one entity

*At least 10% discount on all other services

       if you have questions!

*Jackson Todd & Lambert offers many services at a flat fee or subscription rate but Trial Representation Services are provided at an hourly fee due to its unpredictable nature and unlikelihood.

**Quotes will be considered an offer of gainful employment.  Therefore, quotes will only be provided to prospective clients who qualify for service and have been accepted as employers.

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